So you like to travel? Or you’ve traveled in the past, be it domestically or internationally, or are you planning to make a trip sometime in the near future? Whatever be your reason, you clicked on the link that brought you here so stick around for some grade-A, travel hacks.

Whether you’re journeying with family or flying it solo, whether you’re vacationing or on a business trip, there are certain stress points that can easily turn your whole travel experience sour. That said, there’s always something you can do to prevent or remedy the situation. Here are a few travel hacks to make your journey is more pleasant and unforgettable:

Before You Leave
  1. Instead of booking a hotel, try websites like AirBnB to rent a home. If you’re traveling with family it gives the privacy and comfort of your own home. You also get the added bonus of the experience of getting to live like a local. Usually, they have better accommodations and it may even save you a buck or two.
  2. Email scanned copies of your passport, identification card and itinerary to yourself. This way you always have an extra copy of your most valuable effects when abroad. This comes in real handy in case of emergency or loss of said effects.
  3. Mark your baggage as fragile. As a travel connoisseur ( I kid, wisdom gained from having my luggage manhandled on far too many occasions) I can inform you that it is the best way the ensure your baggage is handled properly. So your luggage will be placed on the top of the stack and this way it will make your bags one of the first to arrive out on to the baggage carousel.
For departure
  1. Never pay a penny for water. There have been many restrictions put in place on carrying water was of late. Be it a sealed bottle or open one, they will not let those bad boys past security. And you’ll be damned if you pay to double the price for an ordinary bottle of water, right? So instead carry an empty bottle with you to refill from the water filters inside. This simple travel hack will surely save you a few bucks.
  2. Splurge on the onboard WiFi if the flight is over 6 hours long. Funny how just a second ago I told you not the shell out for water, but you’ll be grateful once you find you have more to do on your flight than painfully try and strike up a conversation with your next door neighbor. Surf the web or get some work done because there won’t be any agonizing small talk on this flight.
After touchdown
  1. Use ATMs to get local currency instead of airport converters. Airport converters add in their own charges alongside the existing exchange rates. ATMs will give out local currency so you can use credit or debit cards to get your money. It should be noted that this travel tip, is most beneficial for European travelers.
  2. Unpack necessities only. Chances are you will be spending most of your time outside the hotel room. So there is no point in unpacking all tour toiletries or a pair of slippers to try and feel more at home. Always pack smarter and lighter. Repacking will be a bigger job and probability of forgetting your belongings will be higher when the time comes to leave.

With this knowledge of travel hacks in your arsenal I can wish you happy travels but if I could leave you with one last piece of advice; if you fart during your flight, just pretend to be asleep and no one will be the wiser.

Written by Ashfaqur Rahman


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