Who doesn’t like traveling? The excitement of a new place and new experiences. A space from the humdrum of your everyday life. Travelling seems to be one of those magical things to help us deal with the burden of our unglamorous lives. Traveling solo gives you the opportunity to indulge yourself.

However being a woman traveling alone may be scarier then exciting. All of us have watched enough news to know all the dangers a woman alone in a foreign place can face. But all is not lost there are lots of ways to keep us safe when we are trying to be the modern female Marco Polo.

  1. Join a tour group

A tour group is a perfect way to be both safe and still enjoy being alone. Tour groups mean most of the day you won’t be alone and your chances of getting lost or scammed also decrease.  But since all the people are unknown to you it will still be like you are exploring the city by yourself. There’s power in number ladies always remember that.

  1. Trust your gut

If you find yourself in any situation where you aren’t a 100 percent comfortable or your feminine intuition is telling you that something is wrong then just leave. Don’t worry about offending the locals you were hanging out with nor missing out on an exciting scenery or experience. Self-preservation should always be your number one priority.

  1. Spontaneity vs being prepared

As fun as it sounds to be spontaneous and go crazy, maybe save it for your girls night instead. When you’re traveling solo and in an unknown place it better to have everything planned. Anything unexpected can lead to trouble, so best to make sure you plan most things ahead.

  1. Make sure someone knows where you are

It’s always better to be prepared for the worst. Always make sure someone close to you knows where you’ll be. As tempting as it is to go off the radar, it’s not always the smartest thing to do. Especially when you go into the wilderness or away from civilization there always a chance to get lost. In the off chance that you do get lost, people knowing where you are means it’s easier to find you and rescue you.

  1. A whistle and pepper spray are essential

It’s pretty self-explanatory why these items are necessary. Also always keep these items where it’s easy to reach them. They won’t be any help if they are unreachable in the black hole that is your purse.

  1. Don’t stop traveling

My final advice is whatever you do travel alone. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from taking an amazing empowering journey alone. As soon as you bring the topic up you’ll see more people discouraging you than supporting you. But hiding from the world isn’t going to make the world a safer place for women. The best we can do is go on with our lives and travels a demand that everything is made better for women. One of the main reasons women traveling solo is such a taboo topic is simply because people aren’t used to it.

So I think it’s about time that we start doing it and keep doing it until it’s so common that people have no choice but to get used to it.

Written by Ashfaqur Rahman


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