People often believe that traveling is a luxury and not everyone can afford it.  Hence, piling up of cash around this idea just to have a nice vacation has become a common practice. But have you ever thought that, maybe,  your budget is too big? Maybe you are having too much to spend then you need?

Before I jump into the analytics of the whole notion, it’s vital to identify the difference between traveling and tourism. You may choose luxury at your own will and still be a traveler if you know the right places to go. But the entirety of being a tourist is only an abridged version of traveling.

The cash is only needed if you’re planning on spending half your day in the hotel. Unless you really want that, it’s not necessary to even spend half the amount of money people usually do on hotels. Hotels are generally used as stations for refreshments and sleep. The rest of the time you are out taking in the sights and sounds.


People always end up spending more on hotels when there are cheaper hotels with good accommodations available. One can easily save some hotel accommodation money which can be used to cover other necessary expenses.

Also, people have a misconception that their hotels are serving good quality food so it is justifiable to spend extra money on it. In reality, you can actually get equally good food (if not better) outside your hotels, and that would cost one-third of the price. Hotels and restaurants, especially around tourism-heavy areas, tend to mark their prices at a dollar rate so it’s easier for tourists to count in currencies. However, the marginalizing of prices are usually over the top from what it should’ve been priced as. It’s advisable to have a native tourist guide to show you the most authentic food places loved by the locals.  Better to take in the experiences of the locals rather than confining your taste to the delicacies of fancy restaurants.

Plane fares can take up to a larger chunk of your budget. If you’re visiting neighboring places in your own country, taking the road will always be ideal. A journey by road is more eventful and experiential than sitting in the airplane and getting a free leg cramp.

Traveling is made fun if you can take the experience from it to its fullest. Its opportunity that shouldn’t be a luxury but an easily accessible experience which can only happen if you want. Unless you are looking for an enjoyable resort to spend your time in, it’s always recommended to have a smaller budget, so you can do more with less.

Written by Ashfaqur Rahman


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